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Author: Adrilia

A few tips for getting “unstuck”

When things are difficult and we’ve done everything we can, it’s good to get out of our own way. Otherwise our mind can stay stuck in the pattern of the problem. And that is not helpful. Once you can get out of your own way and employ a few simple tips, a situation can be transformed before your very eyes.

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Healing and our basic needs

During college I was fortunate to take several Psychology classes and I very  much enjoyed them. Among my favorite subjects were the humanist psychologists. They embodied a lot of what I thought and felt. It was like learning something which made so much sense to me I could barely believe it was “a thing.”

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Plant Spirit Medicine Healing and your Heart

Plant Spirit Medicine as a healing modality has much to do with Traditional Five Element Chinese Medicine. It also has much to do with shamanism. In the Five Element Chinese Medicine view we talk about the seasons and the five elements.

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