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Category: Resilience

A few tips for getting “unstuck”

When things are difficult and we’ve done everything we can, it’s good to get out of our own way. Otherwise our mind can stay stuck in the pattern of the problem. And that is not helpful.¬†Once you can get out of your own way and employ a few simple tips, a situation can be transformed before your very eyes.

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ode to being female

I love being female. Okay, so a few times in my life when witnessing how linear, direct and seemingly easy things (and promotions) were for men, I may have said I wished to be a guy … for a day! But as I have matured I am actually in awe of the great gift and blessing that it is to be female.

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honoring your own pace

This video was inspired by the the first 5K race I ran. In it I discuss my observations about running, pacing yourself, and the importance of paying attention to our energy levels every day.

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