The inspiration for this post comes from a lovely video I just watched yesterday, thanks to my Plant Spirit Medicine colleague in Santa Cruz, CA, Megan Montero, who shared it with me via her newsletter. I’m including the video here, sharing it with you. Please consider it as a message from the plants, a message from the forests. I like so many things about this video:

  1. Its beautiful imagery — Takes me to places I have visited, experiences I have had, memories.
  2. Its cadence — Slow, soothing, unhurried. Allowing us to enter into a different vibration, a different state of being.
  3. Its content — With which I, and many of my Plant Spirit Medicine clients definitely resonate.
  4. Its juxtaposition of the forests and the city with great poignancy and effect.

When you come into my treatment room for Plant Spirit Medicine healing, you are accessing the healing power of Nature Itself. Yes, as portrayed on the video. One significant difference is that in the PSM treatment room, this healing is available to you in a specific way, according to your makeup, to who you are; according to how you are put together. And the healing comes directly into the deepest part of you, your spirit, via a plant spirit who “knows you” and has in a sense raised Its generous, loving, abundant hand and said “I can help with that” or “I am a specialist on that.”

Plant Spirit Medicine healing is healing from Nature and from the forests; however, it also takes into account exactly what YOU need in order to live in a state of connection, joy, well being and balance. The spirit of the plant touches your spirit in exactly the way your spirit needs to be touched. Since Plant Spirit Medicine healing is based on Traditional Five Element Chinese Medicine and shamanism, it is scientific and magical at the same time. But don’t believe it; give yourself the gift of experiencing it.