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Tag: plant spirit medicine

Healing and our basic needs

During college I was fortunate to take several Psychology classes and I very  much enjoyed them. Among my favorite subjects were the humanist psychologists. They embodied a lot of what I thought and felt. It was like learning something which made so much sense to me I could barely believe it was “a thing.”

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Healing our hearts and Plant Spirit Medicine

It is amazing how many burdens we can agree to carry at any given time. Not just our own but also other people’s burdens. These burdens are not ours to carry. They often turn out to be real drawbacks for our hearts. We are meant to live life in joy, together with others in community, learning, moving, flowing, like water. Working, observing, assimilating, taking things in. With gratitude for the chance to be alive, to be experiencing, breathing, smelling, singing, touching, moving, feeling.

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Questions and Answers on Plant Spirit Medicine Healing

As a result of my participation in the group, I was invited to write a blog on Plant Spirit Medicine, discussing questions people ask me about my healing modality. The blog post was published today on the Crystal Life Technology website. In writing the blog post, my dear teacher, Eliot Cowan’s words were front and center. But I wrote the post anyway. And here’s why I did it.

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We are on a mission as Plant Spirit Medicine Healers

Our mission involves not only helping our clients to move into balance and harmony as they receive healing. It is to witness our clients as they peel the layers of stress, trauma, illness, perception, disconnection, and they come to touch, even if for just a moment, that place of heart and vision that reminds them in a resonant unforgettable way, who they truly are and what they are truly here to do.

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