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Healing and our basic needs

During college I was fortunate to take several Psychology classes and I very  much enjoyed them. Among my favorite subjects were the humanist psychologists. They embodied a lot of what I thought and felt. It was like learning something which made so much sense to me I could barely believe it was “a thing.”

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The wonders and healing power of plants

When we feel lonely, stressed or anxious we need to reach out to plants, to be around them. Gardening is therapeutic and beautifying but beyond that, contact with plants begins to help us heal. Working with plants and being around them helps us remember who we are, what is important in our life and to regain perspective.

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Plant Spirit Medicine as a Path to Wellness and Balance

I have never encountered a healing modality more powerful, more effective and more subtle for lifting off pathology and for helping to heal others by bringing their body, mind and spirit into better balance. It isn’t a woo-woo thing. Plant Spirit Medicine is a well-grounded, real, serious healing practice. It is a profound yet simple path to wellness. One day, like Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths we will be recognized by the mainstream. Until then, I wanted to do my small part at recognizing and celebrating this medicine and the people who share it with others, transforming many lives in the process.

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Do you have what it Takes to Provide Amazing Customer Service? Does your Company?

Amazing customer service can set your business apart from the competition, help it be remembered. But it isn’t easy to provide amazing customer service consistently. It takes heart and skill and guts. However, once you learn to read the pulse of your customers, listen, empathize and relate authentically and you get good at it … you will succeed … no matter what field you choose to pursue. Now more than ever, as people deal with unprecedented stress and vulnerability, customer service is an area in which you and your company can truly shine.

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The Inspiring Opportunity of 2012

I have heard so many people be in fear and worry about the year 2012. The media, of course, tends to hype it up. They know that pleasure and pain (fear included) are two key links into our consciousness, even into our buying...

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9 Steps to Make 2010 your Best Year

Last new year’s day, my husband and I made a special effort to set aside time to envision our year ahead. We went away, had a nice dinner (duck & sparkling wine, my faves). We then spent the first day of 2009 planning, envisioning and goal-setting. As a result, we’ve had one of the most productive years of our lives. Thinking about it made me want to share these tips to help you make 2010 one of YOUR most wonderful years ever.

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