Dreaming is a gift we give ourselves. Yes, it’s true that it is future-oriented. The present, just as the word says, is also a gift. It is the place from which right here, right now, we can choose a course of action. The present is sacred, and a huge gift. But also daydreaming, wishing is a huge gift and blessing. When we dream big, we are exercising our ability to wish, to connect with the longings in our heart. But we are also doing something else that is very powerful and beautiful: we are listening to the messages from the universe letting us know that we have the ability to make that dream a reality. In other words, as we are wishing for or dreaming a dream, that dream is also searching for us, so that we can make it real, so that we can help it happen!

I love being able to connect with my clients’ dreams

When I work with people as an Arbonne consultant and also in my work as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, I ask them to share with me some of their dreams. In the case of Arbonne, it is important to help the client or new consultant to build a business foundation so that those dreams can begin to manifest. In my work as a healer, listening to someone’s dreams helps me begin to ascertain what is important to them, what moves their soul, and ultimately to determine where they need to be touched by the plants so that their life can begin to transform in the most profound way.

Why should we improve our ability to visualize and dream?

So I do ask people this question. And for many people this is a really tough question to answer. It is like cooking, in a sense, you have to be in the right frame of mind to be able to have the courage to dream. I understand why it may be difficult at times, to be able to dream. Sometimes we feel down or we are ill or we feel depressed or we feel unworthy. During those times it isn’t easy for us to dream. Other times we feel inspired, in the zone, energetic and enthusiastic. We have hope for the future and we can dare to dream. Dreaming does require courage. Dreaming is of the heart (coeur in French.) So it requires courage and connecting with our heart’s deepest wishes. And yes, it is important for us to dream. It is good for us, it is good for our health and wonderful for our spirit. It is actually essential. Dreaming is one of the ways in which we co-create and collaborate with the universe in the improvement of ourselves and of our lives.