Was it just me, or do all teenagers want independence?

When I was a teenager and even as a young adult I had a bit of a tough relationship with the idea of independence. I wanted independence! I wanted to be able to make my own place in the world, fight my own battles, earn my own accomplishments and in general do things on my own. Over the years this was not always productive. In some cases it even got in the way of my ability to receive gifts, compliments and abundance! As I have gotten older, I’ve come to realize that the entire idea of independence is quite ridiculous. And especially in a discussion of natural wellness, it is essential to address our inter-dependence. Just ask Deepak Chopra. He believes that we are constantly sharing everything with one another: cells, air, water, germs, organs! And he is right!

We are not independent; we are thoroughly connected

Truth is we are cellularly, intimately and deeply connected as human beings, as spiritual beings living a human existence, and also deeply connected to the plant people, the four-leggeds, and all the beings of Nature and this universe. So it is in fact an understatement to say that we are all one. We are absolutely connected!

Fourth of July musings on independence

This past Independence Day, I felt very moved by the many gifts that this country has brought to my life and I wanted to say thank you. I also wanted to acknowledge the fact that as we are dependent on this amazing and gorgeous country, we also have the responsibility to tend to it, to take care of it, to help take care of all its inhabitants: plants, earth, humans, four legged, finned ones, winged ones. All of its beings. This video was the result.