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Tag: wisdom

A few tips for getting “unstuck”

When things are difficult and we’ve done everything we can, it’s good to get out of our own way. Otherwise our mind can stay stuck in the pattern of the problem. And that is not helpful. Once you can get out of your own way and employ a few simple tips, a situation can be transformed before your very eyes.

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Is Plant Spirit Medicine Healing Effective in Winter?

Okay! So we just had another snow storm in the Chicago area. Just when I thought spring time was finally here. I was already starting to be excited by the possibility of the plants, my dear friends, coming back to my garden and surrounding areas! This spring time snow reminds me of my first winter here after becoming a Plant Spirit Medicine healer.

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Cultivating the stance of a Plant Spirit Medicine healer

This morning I found myself contemplating the preparation that healers undergo in order to be able to share their gifts with others. A few weeks back I wrote about right relationship, and certainly this is one of the important things to cultivate with the plant spirits and the entire natural world as we endeavor to alleviate people’s suffering. Here are other ways in which we become ready as healers:

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Love, Friendship and Plant Spirit Medicine Healing

When I was in 7th grade, my dad took a nice photo of me sitting at my piano. He made black and white Valentine’s Day photo postcards for me to give to my school friends. Instead of “Happy Valentine’s Day,” the cards read “Happy Day of Love and Friendship.” As I contemplate Valentine’s Day I realize that my Plant Spirit Medicine healing work is all about love and friendship. Actually, all of Life is about that. All about relationship.

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Usher in a new year with Plant Spirit Medicine

It is absolutely important (and delicious to our spirits) to receive Plant Spirit Medicine any time of year but especially in winter. As they work powerfully and oh so very generously to bring us into balance and harmony, the plants remind us what is important in terms of our life purpose, and they help us connect with our larger vision for our lives.

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We are on a mission as Plant Spirit Medicine Healers

Our mission involves not only helping our clients to move into balance and harmony as they receive healing. It is to witness our clients as they peel the layers of stress, trauma, illness, perception, disconnection, and they come to touch, even if for just a moment, that place of heart and vision that reminds them in a resonant unforgettable way, who they truly are and what they are truly here to do.

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Trees and Plant Spirit Medicine

I have heard many accounts of memories, encounters and powerful experiences with trees from my Plant Spirit Medicine colleagues. Some actually feel that it is difficult to engage in contact with some trees, because trees have been around for such a long time, they are such huge presences and their perspective is just different.

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Plant Spirit Medicine Healing and Compassion

Shortly after I opened my Plant Spirit Medicine practice I realized that I was seeing my clients in a very unique way. They were dazzling to me. Radiant — in their spirit, in their endeavors, in their awesome humanity. Slowly but surely I began to realize that this must be how the plant spirits in fact “see” us.

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